Niebling Technische Bürsten GmbH

Strip brushes

Standard strip brushes

Niebling Standard Leistenbürsten

Standard strip brushes use Niebling standard profiles.

We are continually extending our range of available profiles. If you cannot find an appropriate profile on this page, it can be manufactured to your wishes. It takes no time at all to configure Niebling standard profiles to your requirements.

The potential range of dimensions in respect of the free fill height (BH) depends to a large extent on the type of fill. For hand-drawn brushes a free filament length of up to 600 mm is possible, depending on the type of fill and the brush effect.

Irrespective of the dimensions of the strip body, it is possible to use almost any of the fill materials. Depending on the application, the strip brushes can be drilled or supplied with slots for fixing purposes.


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Special strip brushes

Niebling Sonder-Leistenbürsten

Any strip brush not included in our comprehensive standard range is considered to be a special.

We always have a broad range of semifinished components in stock. This enables us to produce strip brushes in almost any shape or configuration.

Almost all the materials can be used as fill or to make the brush body. As a result, the range of application possibilities is almost nlimited.

Tell us about your specific application and we are sure to have a Niebling brush solution to help you.


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Standard flexible strips

Niebling Flexible Leistenbüsten

We have developed and manufactured flexible strip profiles for our customers in many different shapes.

The ability to produce differently shaped profiles opens up new potential applications for strip brushes such as sealing brushes for curved entrances.

It is also possible to fix the strip brushes in slots or on panel edges without the need for additional tools and fixing materials.

We can manufacture your special profile from very low minimum quantities.


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Strips for c-profiles

Niebling Leistenbürsten für C-Schienen

Strips for C-profiles are perfect for applications that necessitate frequent strip replacement.

The strip brush assembly including the C-profile takes up more space (see table below) than many other strip brushes. As a result, it may not be practicable in some applications.

Depending on application, the C-profile is available in galvanized or
stainless steel.


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Belt brushes / toothed belt brushes

Niebling Riemenbürsten Zahnriemenbürsten

Riemen- oder Zahnriemenbürsten fertigen wir speziell nach dem Erfordernissen unserer Kunden. Die Körper bestehen aus einem verschleißfesten Material.

We manufacture belt or toothed belt brushes especially to the requirements of our customers. The bodies are made of wear-resistant material.

  • Belt brushes can be produced in all lengths, either endless or finite.
  • We manufacture endless toothed-belt brushes in any required length.


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