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Internal and twisted-in-wire brushes

Internal brushes and twisted-in-wire brushes

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Niebling gedrehte Bürsten

In twisted-in-wire brushes, the filament material is twisted between two wires. This type of brush is primarily used to clean the internal walls of pipes.

Like all other Niebling brushes there is a wide range of possible filament types. The middle of the brush consists of what is called the 'soul', which is usually made of two twisted wires. The thickness of the twisted wires can vary. It determines the strength as well as the fill density of the brush.

Should a particular application require greater rigidity, the brush can be made of four twisted wires. The twisted wires are of from either galvanized or stainless
steel in the thicknesses 0.8 to 4.0 mm.

In special cases alternative twisted wire materials can be used. Depending on the application, an eye, thread or shank can be added to the end of the stem. Our well-equipped manufacturing facility enables us to meet almost all our customers' requirements.

The end of the brush can be supplied with an end bundle or standard, straight brush end. In special cases the brush end can be soldered or fitted with a rubber cap. This prevents the wire from causing damage to the material being processed. The bead diameter (diameter of brush) depends to a large extent on the type of material used. A large selection of standard brushes is available.

If by some chance you are unable to find the brush you need amongst our standard brushes, we are sure that we will be able to manufacture the right brush for your application (see special twisted-in-wire brushes)